Automation Heroes

Let us automate your marketing and repetitive processes one task at a time.

Automate Your Business Tasks
  • Automate Your Marketing Tasks

    Everything from Facebook ads to growing your Instagram following.

  • Automate Incoming Lead Funnels

    Design and maintain inbound lead funnels to cultivate new leads.

  • Automate Email Outreach

    Automate email marketing to your customers. Show them targeted content based on their interactions. Regular updates to optimise for maximum ROI.

  • Landing Page Construction and Maintenance

    Build landing pages and squeeze pages that convert and drive new leads. Regular maintenance to optimise conversion rates.

  • Automate Growth of Email Subscribers

    Automate everything from generating new subscribers to converting them to paying customers.

  • Custom Automation Consultation

    Not sure which business processes or marketing tasks you could automate? Book a free consultation with us and we can help find items to automate.

Save Time

Automation removes unnecessary repetitive tasks. This saves your time and improves processes.

Work Less

Get more done without having to do the work yourself. We setup automated processes to do the work for you.

Learning git isn’t something that happens overnight. That’s why this course includes quiz questions at the end of every lesson, helping you remember the important stuff.

What can be automated?

With current technology there is an enormous amount of processes that can be entirely automated. Some examples are listed below:

  • Automate sorting of incoming leads. Ensure personalised emails are automatically sent.
  • Automate email prospecting to new potential targets. Setup triggers to send at certain times and to certain responses.
  • Retargeting Pixels. Facebook and other platforms use retargeting pixels to improve advertising conversions.
  • Build funnels. Attract more leads and plug them into automated systems that cultivate the leads into customers.
  • Much much more can be automated. Not sure then get in touch and we can help!

Patrick, and his team, took ownership of PR, customer feedback, sourcing clients and social media marketing. He met all targets, and exceeded all our expectations. He put us in industry magazines, extended our social reach, and brought on-board paying customers when we were only expecting free testers.

Ben Ritchie
Ben Ritchie Dice

Would I recommend Automation Heroes? Yes I would. In a world full of chancers, blaggers and blatant bull*****ers, here is a company with good intentions who actually set out to deliver more than is expected. They have won both my custom and my respect.

Robert Ashton
Robert Ashton The Turnpike Press

Your business automated from just £300GBP per month

Email us one task or process at a time. Our technicians work on that task and automate it for you. Once complete we notify you and then you send us the next task.